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New laptop purchased Vista/Wireless. What is needed to connect to existing AOL?

Kate DubenskyConnect New Computer to Existing AOL Account

Install AOL Software on your New Computer

If you are using AOL as your Internet provider, meaning that AOL is the company that you use to connect to the Internet, you are going to need to install AOL on your new computer before you can go online.

Download the Latest AOL Release

The latest release from AOL is version 9.5, which provides access to the Internet, your AOL email and instant messaging. AOL 9.5 is compatible with both Windows Vista and XP and will connect through both dialup and broadband Internet connections. To run AOL 9.5 you need to use the Internet Explorer web browser version 6.0 or higher. Additionally, AOL 9.5 requires a 166 MHz Pentium processor and 128MB RAM, but I'm sure your new computer meets this criteria.

Install AOL

To activate your existing AOL account on your new computer, follow these installation instructions. AOL advises that you close any other open windows before beginning the process.

  1. Click the link to download the latest AOL release version 9.5
  2. Double click the download icon on your desktop to initiate the installation
  3. When the installation starts, choose and click the Current Member button
  4. From the options listed, choose Add Your Existing Account to this Computer
  5. From the Select Destination Directory, select Next to install the software in the default location on the hard drive. This will activate the installation
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the installation

Transfer AOL Data to your New Computer

If you want to bring any saved data or settings from your AOL account, it is possible to copy and save your folders in order to reinstall them on your new system. Unlike many email clients, AOL saves some data to your computer, rather than to a server that can be accessed from any computer, anywhere.

AOL Personal Filing Cabinet Folders

Emails and other data saved on your computer is kept in a folder called your Personal Filing Cabinet, or PFC. Before following these instructions to transfer your PFC to your new computer, you should know that this action will overwrite any folders saved to the Saved On My PC folder on your new computer.

  1. Close AOL
  2. Click the Start button, then All Programs/Programs
  3. Choose AOL, then AOL System Information
  4. To open the Data Folder:
    1. If you are using AOL 8.0 - click Folder
    2. If you are using AOL 9.0 Optimized, click Data Folder
    3. If you are using other AOL 9.x versions, click the AOL Software tab, then Open Data Folder
  1. In the Folders menu, click twice on your AOL listing
  2. Find the Organize Folder and click it twice
  3. Find the listing for your screen name, and make sure you choose the one with no extension eg: yourscreenname and not yourscreenname.doc
  4. Right click on your screen name and then choose Copy
  5. Click the X on the top right corner to close this window
  6. Click Close to close the AOL System Information window
  7. Click your mouse on a blank part of your desktop, now right click and choose Paste
  8. Now, start AOL again and sign in
  9. From the AOL toolbar, click Write
  10. Find the Send To box and type in your screen name
  11. In the Subject box, type in PFC
  12. Choose Attach File, click Look In and then choose Desktop
  13. Click twice on your recently saved desktop icon and click Send Now

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