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Recover Facebook webmail

Can this program recover deleted Facebook emails from webmail?

Facebook's old official line is that once a message has been deleted, it is gone forever. If everything lines up correctly however, there is a possibility of getting a message or a message thread back as long as you got an email from Facebook announcing the message. I just tried it to make sure I wasn't giving you false information, and it worked!

"In a delete confiormation email, Facebook gives you an undo link which works if the email was deleted recently"

Show Deleted Messages

The first thing is to check and see if you got an email in your regular email account saying that you got a message from someone. If you did, and you still have that message in your inbox, then all you have to do is click on the link that is at the bottom of message in your email inbox. That link will take you to Facebook and the message center, even though you deleted that message or message thread. Under the message title, you will see a notice that you deleted that message or thread. Right next to that, you will see a link that says: Show Deleted Messages. Click on that, and the message or message thread magically appears just as if you never deleted it.

Recover Deleted Emails

You may encounter a problem if you deleted the email from your inbox that gave you the Facebook message notification. If you did delete the message, did you empty your delete folder? If not, then look there - do a search under "Facebook" if you have a lot of messages and aren't sure when the original message was sent. If you did delete the message and then empty the delete folder, then you are going to have to go through a few more steps to recover that deleted email that contains the link to the Facebook message.

Data Recovery Software

In this instance, where you have deleted an email and then emptied the recycle bin or deleted email folder, a program such as Data Recovery Pro can help you. The program will let you preview recoverable files and has a good customer support base in case you have a problem. Once you have recovered the Facebook email with the link to the message, you should be able to follow the above steps and see your message thread.

If this was simply a message that you sent, and didn't get a reply on that thread in your email inbox, then you very well may be out of luck. I have not found any other way to recover deleted threads or messages.

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7 Responses to “Recover Facebook webmail”

  1. 001   Dino

    I tried the link in the email inbox and it showed a blank reply page on my facebook. I did not see the message that says "Show Deleted Messages.

    I want to recover my sent/reply messages and I am not successful with the said method.

    I appreciate your help on this. Thanks much

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's anything else that you can do.

  3. 003   Nick

    I also have the same problem with Dno. I believe that perhaps the "Show deleted messages" option was valid for an older version for Facebook. This option does not exist anymore for the newer version. Is there any other way?

  4. 004   casey

    facebook doesnt send me an email notification when i get messages on facebook. so any answers on how i can retrieve the thread if i deleted it already?

  5. 005   Jess Genge

    What if you have erased every sign of the messages and you cannot use software because all the messages were sent via Iphone? Is there a software you can get for Iphone which will do the same thing?

  6. 006   shane wagg

    i deleted a message in my facebook and then i went to my hotmail and went to the same message to recover same message on facebook but the only thing it should was the subject but no message at all but in my hotmail inbox show the recevied message that the person sent me but not on facebook when it directs me to it why is that? and i can check all other deleted ones except for this one.

  7. 007   Boo Boo

    I need to get back a thread I deleted and have come up with no way so far. If there is anyone who can help it would be much appreciated.... ASAP

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