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My web cam doesn’t work when I’m in a chat room. However, it does work when I use AIM 6.8. When I’m in a chat room and click the “v” it shuts down my browser entirely. I have my firewalls disabled. The web cam I have is Creative NX and the operating system I have is Windows XP Pro. My browser is Firefox and I have the latest version of Adobe Flash. I hope someone can help.

Kate DubenskyTroubleshooting Webcam Crashes in Chat Rooms

About the Creative NX Webcam

Unfortunately, the Creative NX webcam is no longer in production and Creative has stopped offering updates or support for the device. As a result, it is possible that your camera is out of date and might not sync compatibly with newer software programs such as those used in the chat rooms you wish to visit.

Update your Webcam Drivers

There are still some driver updates available on the Creative website for the NX webcam, so you can make sure that you have the latest possible software, but they were issued in 2006. You should also update your Microsoft software at and your Direct X drivers.

Chat Rooms, Webcams and Adobe Flash Player

Since your webcam works on other sites it is safe to assume that the problem is not the webcam itself, but likely a compatibility issue between the camera and the site. While you have the latest version of Adobe Flash, it is common for a flawed Flash code to interfere with browsers in flash-based chat rooms. To test this possibility, remove your Flash Player and reinstall. Flash Player is notorious for failing or improperly installing when there are remnants of earlier versions remaining. First things first, completely remove all your Flash Player versions. Adobe requires users to download and run their own uninstaller to get rid of old or unwanted installations, which you can download and run here. Make sure to quit Flash Player and close any open windows before you run the uninstaller because it can't remove any files that are in use. Once you have removed Flash Player, reboot your computer and then download and install the latest version of Flash Player.

Chat Rooms, Webcams and Java

Depending on the chat rooms that you are attempting to use the problem might be Java related, not Flash. If the chat room that you are visiting uses Java technology, then you will need to update or install Java as well. In case you have installed earlier versions of Java, you can follow the instructions that are given above to remove your Flash Player applications, but instead select and Remove Java. After you remove the Java installation, you should also run Windows Installer Cleanup tool to make sure that there are no left over bits of program hanging around to cause problems. Once you have cleaned your system of old programs, download and install the latest Java edition, version 6.11, available here.

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