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Updating MSN

When I try to sign into MSN I get a message that says ‘a newer version is available. You must install the newer version in order to continue. Would you like to do this now?’ And it offers yes or no but if I click no and try to sign in again it says the same thing. I am using version 8.0(Build 8.0.0812.00)

Kate DubenskyRemove your Passport Login to Turn Off Auto Login

OK - the first thing to do to troubleshoot your MSN Messenger program is to disable your Microsoft Passport login name and password so that Messenger can't sign you in and launch itself automatically.

  • Click Start to open the menu and click Control Panel
  • Open User Accounts and click to choose your MSN Passport/Hotmail account name
  • Look on the left hand side of your screen and find and click on the tab called Manage My Network Passwords under the Related Tasks category
  • Now a window will open and display your user name and account information - click Remove

Adjust your Norton Security Settings

Some Norton Security programs feature an instant messaging feature, which might be causing your MSN Messenger problem. To check your security settings in Norton look on the right hand side of the bottom of your screen close to the clock and right click on the Norton icon to open the menu. Choose Options, then Instant Messenger, then find the MSN Instant Messenger listing and remove the check in the box that corresponds with it. Now, if the "newer version is available upgrade now" window is still open, choose NO and it should stop asking you.

Remove Old Downloads and Reinstall

MSN Messenger, like other programs, is sometimes corrupted when incomplete or flawed pieces of the program, or old installations, remain on your computer. If you have downloaded more than one version of MSN Messenger or if you would like to upgrade to the latest version of Messenger, you should first remove all other versions.

  • First, close MSN Messenger by clicking the icon, then Exit
  • Click the Start button to open the menu, choose Settings, then Control Panel
  • Click twice on Add/Remove Programs
  • Find the MSN listing(s) and then click Remove

Once you have removed any old versions of MSN Messenger you can do a clean installation of the newest version. Since 2005, MSN Messenger has been officially called Windows Live Messenger and the latest release is version 14.0, also called Windows Live Messenger 2009.

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