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How to fix Facebook display problem

Why does my Facebook page only show half of it as there are no scroll bars on either side?

Susan KeenanFaulty display of the Facebook page seems to be a common occurrence. Sometimes even less of the page is showing for users of this popular social site. It is possible that your settings have changed on your computer, especially if you have recently updated any of your applications. In particular, the page display problem could arise if the settings for Java have changed or if you need to update it.

Run the Java Test

Now would be a good time to run the "Java Test." This will check your installation of Java and let you know if it is functional. Simply visit this link: Java Test. If your Java is working properly, you will see the famous "Dancing Duke Logo."

If your Java is experiencing a problem, then you won't see the logo. If that happens, you will probably have to enable Java on your computer or complete an uninstall and reinstall of the Java application and enable it. Check your settings first and make sure that you have it enabled before you go through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling Java.

Update Java

If your version of Java is working correctly, make sure that you have the latest updates for it. If you do update, make sure that you enable Java on your computer.

Update Internet Explorer

Occasionally, problems with Java can occur if you haven't updated to the latest version of Internet Explorer. You should be using IE 7. If you aren't using IE7, visit this link, Internet Explorer Upgrade, and install the latest version of IE.

Enable Java in Internet Explorer

Follow the steps presented here to make sure that you have Java enabled on your computer. Even if you did this previously, do it now so that you can check to make sure the settings did not change.

1)      Open up Internet Explorer.

2)      Click on "Tools."

3)      Click on "Internet Options" in the menu.

4)      Click on "Advanced."

5)      Navigate to the option to enable Java. Check off the box in front of this option.

6)      Select "ok."

7)      Restart Internet Explorer to apply the settings.

Enable ActiveX and Active Scripting in Internet Explorer

You might also need to enable ActiveX and Active Scripting in Internet Explorer.

1)      Open up "Internet Explorer."

2)      Click on "Tools."

3)      Click on "Internet Options" in the menu.

4)      Click on "Security."

5)      Click on "Default Level."

6)      Click on "ok."

Random Troubleshooting Suggestions

If the setting for the page layout is set too wide, you will lose all of the side bars on the display. Have you recently changed the display settings for your monitor?

Select the "Update Feed" button on the screen. This might offer a temporary solution for you.

Sign into your logon page fresh. Don't click on a saved link to log in as this might be automatically looping you to the bad display.

Clear the Internet cache including cookies and history.

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  1. 001   Sabrina

    thank you so much i was racking my brain trying to figure out what the heck i did. but turns out i didn't do anything just need to update java. THANKS AGAIN!

  2. 002   veni

    Very good job.. Keep it up ! thanx for ur help .. Keep Rocking

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