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How do I set my HP Dv6000 back to its original state? I know how to on my Dell but I am just not sure if it is the same with HP.

Susan KeenanHow to Set HP DV6000 to Factory Settings Using the Recovery Manager

As long as the computer starts up properly, the Recovery Manager can be used to restore the factory settings. Follow these directions to do so:

1)      Select "Start."

2)      Select "All Programs."

3)      Select "Recovery Manager" and select "Recovery Manager" again.

4)      Once the dialog box for the Recovery Manager opens, select "Advanced Options."

5)      Select "System Recovery" and click "Next." At his point, the computer will restart.

6)      Once the computer restarts, you need to select "System Recovery" and click on "Next."

7)      Click "no" if you are asked to use "Microsoft System Restore."

8)      Click "Next."

9)      At the prompt, select "Back up your files."

10)  Click "Next."

11)  Follow the prompts.

12)  At the prompt "Recover without backing up your files," you will select "Next" if you wish to restore the computer to the factory settings.

How to Set HP DV6000 to Factory Settings with Windows Vista

The process to restore factory settings on the HP Dv6000 is extremely simple if you have Windows Vista. Follow these directions:

  • Turn the power to the computer on.
  • Immediately hit the "F11" key on the keyboard when the first screen appears. The screen should have the HP symbol on it when you do this.
  • Read the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Select the option to "Restore Factory Settings."

HP Recovery Disks

One thing to keep in mind whenever the need arises to purchase a new computer is that HP does not provide recovery disks with any of their newer computers. This is solely because the computer owner is given the opportunity to create his own recovery disks when he initially sets up his computer. Therefore, I do recommend creating recovery disks for those rare occasions when they might come in handy. These disks would also allow you to restore factory settings.

After Restoring to Factory Settings

Remember that you will have to install drivers, software applications, games, files, updates, data, and custom settings that you previously had on the computer. All of these are lost when you restore to factory settings.

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2 Responses to “How do I set my HP Dv6000 back to its original state? I know how to on my Dell but I am just not sure if it is the same with HP.”

  1. 001   shawn cardin

    a friend of mine gave me a hp dv6000 and said if i can fix it i can have it. the screen will not come up when turned on. i tryed safe mode and it seems to just keep restarting and stil no screen. while researching on internet found this is a common problem with this series yet found no solution or way to fix. could u please help me? nothing has been spiiled on it, has not been in the weather outside, nor anything else that have caused probs from outside of laptop. it is definitely internal but dont know wat to do

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Hi Shawn,
    Here's some info from HP about troubleshooting black screen errors on the HP DV6000:

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