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Screen freezes when uploading pictures

When I try to upload pictures to either eBay or Facebook, my web page freezes and says it is not responding. I have cleared my cache but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Celeste StewartScreen Freezes when Uploading Photos

Two things come to mind about your photo uploading error: connection speed and file size. I remember having a similar issue with eBay. I had dial-up Internet access and a brand new digital camera. I carefully selected several great pictures and clicked on the upload button. It took forever for anything to happen. I went out to lunch with the family, expecting the photos to be fully loaded by the time I returned. No such luck. Hours of fiddling later and I discovered that my photos were far too large for the site. Since I had dial-up Internet access at the time, it took forever for the upload to get to the point where any sort of error message appeared.

eBay's File Size Limits

I checked eBay's file size limits and found out that they have three photo uploaders that you can use: basic, standard, and enhanced. The basic and standard uploaders can only handle photos of 4 MB or less while the enhanced uploader can handle up to 8MB. You might try changing to the enhanced uploader or reducing the file size of your photos accordingly. In addition, eBay only handles the following photo types:

  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • PNG

Facebook's Photo Uploader

If you're having similar problems with Facebook, try removing the Facebook uploader in your browser and try again. First, go to Internet Explorer> Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons. Find Downloaded ActiveX Controls and then delete Facebook Photo Uploader. Next, try uploading photos to Facebook once again, which should prompt you to install a new Active X control. Hopefully, the new ActiveX control will be fresh and fully functional.

Connections Speeds

No matter where you're uploading photos, servers do have preset timeouts. If you have a slow connections speed, it's in your best interest to upload a single, small file at a time. Uploading dozens of huge photos at once is sure to trigger timeout errors.

Other Photo Uploading Issues

Sometimes photo upload errors are related to one of your photos. Perhaps it's an invalid photo type or the wrong dimensions for the site. Whatever the reason, the uploader may freeze with a particular file. Try uploading an alternate file to see if that works. If so, something about your original file is conflicting with the server.

Another consideration has to do with file size. Mega pixel cameras make stunning images with huge file sizes. These large files are terrific when you want to print or crop the image and enjoy the crispness of high resolution. However, the Web is not capable of displaying these images in all of their glory. Resize your file to a lower resolution and it will still look lovely on computer screens without the long upload times.  

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