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How to Clean Image Sensor on Digital Cameras

I want to clean the image sensor or my Canon EOS Rebel 300D Digital camera. The manual (p34) refers me to a “Sensor Clean” item in the tools2 menu in the camera’s display. This item, if selected, will command the shutter to open for the duration of cleaning process. Unfortunately, that menu item is missing from my camera’s tools2 menu. Possibly, my camera’s BIOS predates the manual that came with the camera. How can I open and keep open, the shutter to allow the cleaning of the image sensor?

Susan Keenan A few options for troubleshooting are available to you. I highly suggest that you try the first suggestion initially as this is probably going to solve your problem. If it doesn't resolve the issue for you, continue reading my other suggestions.

Switch Modes

For some reason, some of the options that are available in the tools2 menu are only visible when the camera is set to a specific mode. Therefore, the first step you should take is to set your Canon EOS Rebel 300D Digital camera to each available mode, starting with the "Creative Zone" modes. In particular, some settings are not available when the camera is set to "PIC" mode. Before you begin to use this feature, make sure the camera is fully charged to avoid potential harm to your camera.

Option for Opening the Shutter: Clean Manually

If you cannot access "Sensor Clean," then you can open the shutter manually in order to clean it. Set the camera to the "Clean Manual" setting. Select a 30 second exposure. Thirty seconds allows you to know exactly how much time you have before the shutter closes.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged to avoid accidental closing of the shutter while you are cleaning. If the shutter were to close prematurely, you could damage the sensor permanently.

To expedite the cleaning, hold the camera so that the sensor is facing down. Use the blower without the brush to blow away any of the dust that has accumulated. The brush might add more dirt than exists already.

Use a timer if possible and set it to 28 seconds so that you have a warning as to the end of the 30 second window. Never use compressed air to remove the dust from the sensor.

Locating "Sensor Clean" or "Clean Manual"

Follow these directions to ensure that you are looking in the correct location for the location of the "Sensor Clean" or "Clean Manual" settings.

  • Press the "Menu" button on the back of the camera.
  • Select "Set up" menu.
  • Press the "Select" button and at the same time select "Sensor Cleaning" or "Clean Manual."
  • Release the "Select" button.
  • Press and hold the "Select" button and select "ok."
  • Release the "Select" button and the screen will display "Sensor Cleaning" or "Clean manually."
  • Press the "shutter" button.

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  1. 001   Mal

    Excellent!! Changing the camera mode to "Creative" was all that was required for me to access the "Sensor Clean" menu item. Thanks a lot!!

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