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Fix Java midlet error for cellular HTC PPC6800

How can I get better Java for cellular HTC PPC6800? I get “midlet error” when opening a JAD or JAR file.

Kate DubenskyEnhancing Java Capabilities on a Cell Phone2

Java Programs for HTC PPC 6800

There are a number of options for you to download that can enhance your experience opening MIDlet files, both Java Runtime programs and web browsers that are specially formulated to run Java programs, games, and other visual images on your mobile phone.

I'm not sure which Java program you are currently running on your phone, but HTC has issued a ROM upgrade for your phone model, PPC 6800, version 3.52.671.9 that would likely be a quick and easy enhancement for your phone.

About MIDlet, JAR and JAD Files

JAD - Java Application Descriptor Files - are informative files that describe MIDlet file contents. MIDlet files are a type of Java program that are most often used to store and transfer Java applications and games for cell phones. MIDlets include a JAD file as well as a JAR - Java Archive File. Both Java Runtime and web browsers that are Java equipped should be able to open and run MIDlets.

About Opera Mini and Java

In your search for the best Java Runtime program for use on your cell phone you might consider the Opera Mini, which is reputably the best web browser available for Windows-equipped mobile devices. While Opera Mini is a Java-enhanced browser rather than a specific Java program, Opera Mini is designed for mobile phone use and is especially compatible with your cell phone since HTC included a Java Midlet Manager. This is an extremely popular choice and a highly rated program among users.

The Latest Version of Opera Mini

The latest version of Opera Mini Mobile 9.5 beta was released on October 20, 2008 and is fitted with the latest in mobile Internet browsing. This program claims to provide the best and most reliable Java-enhanced browsing and support.

Other Java Options for Your Cell Phone

All HTC pocket PCs are pre-installed with the Intent Midlet Manager, or Intent MM, known to be the best midlet environment available for these devices. The Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment - known as IBM J9 - is another option, but is thought to be slower and weaker than other options.

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