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Am writing an email message and Outlook Express starts double spacing. In HELP I look for DOUBLE, SINGLE, LINES but can’t find a solution.

Kate DubenskyHow to Control Line Spacing in Outlook Express

Outlook Express and Microsoft Word

Interestingly, the reason that you haven't been able to find a spacing option in Outlook is because there isn't one. Since Outlook Express is part of the Windows Office Suite of programs, depending on what version of Windows you are running, if your Word program is set to double space, then Outlook Express might also be set to double space by default.

There are a few different, somewhat unusual solutions to your double spacing issue. To resolve this issue you have some choices:

Adjust the Stationary Settings in Outlook

  • Another fix that sometimes clears this up, depending on your version of Outlook, is to open the tab to adjust your stationary, and make sure that it isn't set to blank instead, set it to none.

Adjust the Paragraph Formatting in Word

  • You can reset the formatting in Word so that it is set to single space. This might be the easiest route since you can adjust your Word document format in the program whereas changing the format in Outlook requires opening another program. Open Word, and then select the Format Menu from the tool bar, and then select Paragraph. This will open the menu of formatting options and you can set the spacing drop down menu to single.

Manually Adjust Formatting in Outlook

  • You can adjust the formatting of Outlook manually when you start to compose an email, but the changes are not saved as settings so you will have to do it each time you use Outlook. When you start the email, press CTRL and 1 at the same time for single space - and CTRL and 2 to set it to double. This will work, but will require you to perform the command with every email.

Disable Word as the Editor in Outlook

  • You can disable Word from being the editor of your emails. This option will work to cure the double spacing formatting issue, but it might create new problems by eliminating other services that Word offers as editor that are helpful. If you want to experiment with this option you can find the setting by opening Outlook, then the Options Menu, and then the Mail Format tab.

I hope one of these procedures solves your problem!

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