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How to restore a USB flash drive

How can I install a backup copy that I stored in a 16GB flash drive to a laptop?

Kate DubenskyRestoring Files from a USB Flash Drive

Using files and accessing folders that are stored on USB flash drives is usually a breeze and the flash drive technology makes it easy and convenient to use USB drives to move files, folders and programs between computers. To open the drive and find your files, take the flash drive and insert it into a USB port on the side of your laptop. Assuming the laptop is reasonably modern and is fitted with USB ports, the USB drive will slide in easily.

Opening and Saving Files and Programs from USB Drives

Once you have the program or file open on your desktop, you can move it onto the computer by dragging it and dumping it in the location where you would like to save it. If you want to access files from a program that you have saved on the USB drive and not on the computer, you can run the program from the USB drive, but it will make changes on the computer's registry and might leave behind traces of the program.

Accessing Stored Files from USB drives

Give the laptop a minute to load the data on the drive, depending on the amount of information that you have stored, and the types of programs or documents, they could load immediately, or require a few seconds. The USB drive will show up on your desktop as an icon. To access your files, click twice on the icon to display the contents of the drive, and then you can easily select the files and folders that you want.

Consider Using a USB Device Manager Application

If you are storing a lot of information, or several types of program files on your USB flash drive, you might want to consider using a flash drive manager program. Microsoft makes a program called USB Flash Drive Manager that provides a user-friendly interface with which to restore all the data that you have saved to USB flash drives. Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager also allows users to label and categorize their files and folders to personalize them and make information easy to find and move. The Microsoft USB program is available for use on Windows XP and newer operating systems only and can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

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