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Mac Scanner Drivers

I just updated my system to Leopard 10.5 and my scanner drivers will not load fully. I believe I need an update. I’m running a Scanjet 4670. Can you help with Mac Drivers?

Kate DubenskyScanner Drivers for Mac OS X Leopard

About Mac OS X Leopard

The Leopard operating system, version 10.5, was released on October 26, 2007. Leopard is the sixth version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system. The 10.5 version replaced Mac's 10.4 Tiger.

Hewlett Packard Compatibility with OS X Leopard

Hewlett Packard acknowledges the incompatibilities between OS X Leopard and a number of their products. Leopard includes a built in Software Update tool, that will instantly update all HP printers and software utilities that have been released since the 2007 release of Leopard, but products released prior may require updates.

HP driver availability

However, according to the HP Support Pages user forums, the 4670 Scanjet model is not included in the list of products that will be made compatible. HP says that the age of the model means that it will be excluded from updated drivers, which I suppose is their way of suggesting that users upgrade their scanners.

Load Scanjet 4600 drivers

Fortunately, some users have found a way around the driver problem, and have figured out way to load another scanner driver for this OS.

  1. Download the scanner driver package for the 4600 model. Go to the HP website, and select the tab named Drivers and Software. Select the option to locate drivers. Next, enter the number of your model - 4670 - and then select Mac OS X from the list of driver updates.
  2. Under Mac OS X there is no listing for 4670, so select 4600 instead.
  3. When the *dmg package loads on your desktop, click it twice to open
  4. A window will open and display all the drivers that are in the package. Press the control button and click this window to display the contents of the package.
  5. Select the listing named contents/macos/subinstallers
  6. Click twice on the HP Scanjet 4600

Send Your Query to Hewlett Packard

Several users report this method working well for their scanners. Another viable option that has worked for many users is to run a Windows OS on your computer as well as your Mac OS, and launch your Scanjet from Windows instead of from Mac. Obviously this solution is less than ideal. I suggest you write to HP and include the details of your situation, even if just to add your name to the long list of people who are unsatisfied by HP's compatibility and updates for this scanner.

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2 Responses to “Mac Scanner Drivers”

  1. 001   Edward Pagelow

    I purchased a Imac computer with a 10.5 OS. I have a HP Photo smart C3100 All-in One, Printer,scanner. The printer works OK but the scanner (purchased 5/07) does not work. Please comment.

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Here's some information that should help:
    Thanks! The Team

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