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How do I make Word produce a legal pleading document?

Celeste StewartMicrosoft Templates

Fortunately, Microsoft Word comes with a variety of templates for creating specific document types. For example, if you need to create a flyer, dozens of pre-designed templates exist. Likewise, if you want to create invoices, greeting cards, memos, agendas, calendars, postcards, business cards, contracts, newsletters, resumes, or even legal pleadings, Microsoft Word has already done the difficult part of formatting basic documents. All you need to do is load the template and customize it.

Using the Legal Pleading Template in Microsoft 2003

The process is a bit different for Microsoft Word 2007 and earlier versions. Let's start with Word 2003 before moving on to Word 2007. First, go to File and then choose New. A task pane appears. Look for Templates and then select On my computer. Click on the Legal Pleadings tab. This launches the Legal Pleadings Wizard. Follow the prompts.

Note: you may need to install the wizard from your original Word 2003 discs if it is not showing up in the Templates dialog box.

Using the Legal Pleading Template in Microsoft 2007

The process is a bit different in Word 2007 thanks to a complete redesign by Microsoft. If you have Word 2007, you'll need to go to the Office button and then click New. A template list appears. This list is extensive and you probably won't find the Legal Pleading template through simple browsing. Instead, use the Search tool. Enter "Legal Pleadings" into the Search tool while connected to the Internet. This will search Microsoft Office Online for the relevant documents. Your copy of Word 2007 will be verified to make sure you are using a valid copy before you can download the template.

You'll see dozens of templates with several Legal Pleading templates listed at the top. For example, you can choose between legal pleading documents with 28, 32, 25, and 26 lines. In addition, dozens of other legal document templates are listed. Make your selection and the template will be downloaded to your computer.

Once downloaded, you can make your changes and save the template to your computer for future use.

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