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Why can’t I download PC fixer?

Susan KeenanWhat is PC Fixer?

PC fixer is a utility that can be used to detect computer problems. Once these problems are discovered, you get to decide whether or not you want to fix any of them.

Potential Problems Downloading PC Fixer

Problems with PC fixer can occur due to firewall settings, download manager related errors, or other simple issues.

Downloading Problems: Offsite Linking

Sometimes a message mentioning offsite linking appears when trying to download PC Fixer. Right clicking the PC Fixer link does not work. You need to left click on the link in order for it to load.

Downloading Problems: PC Fixer and Text and Banner Pop ups

Although the download should start automatically once you click on it, sometimes, it does not. When you click the download link, pop ups appear instead of the download. Try clicking on the first popup, which should include a mirror list of the locations for the download file. Follow the prompts and select save when that option appears.

Downloading Problems: PC Fixer and Firewall Issues

Your firewall might be blocking the download. Zone alarm is known for doing this. You can temporarily disable your firewall to allow the download. Enable the firewall immediately after the download is complete. You might be able to identify this as the problem if you are receiving requests for a password.

Downloading Problems: PC Fixer and Timeout Errors

If you are receiving a timeout error message, the download has probably started without being completed. Timeout errors can occur whenever the download site has become congested with online users. Simply try again at a time when most other individuals might not be using the site during non-peak hours. It can also occur due to temporary connectivity problems with your ISP or Internet Service Provider.

Downloading Problems: PC Fixer and Opening Issues

Once you have downloaded the file, it does not open. In some cases, the file is compressed and you need to have an archiver installed in order to uncompress it. Some versions of Windows have this type of program built into their system.

Downloading Problems: PC Fixer Corrupted File

If you receive a message that the PC Fixer file is corrupted, uninstall it and start over. An error probably occurred during the download.

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