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How to remotely access another PC

I am wondering if there is a way that I can connect my PC to my sister’s PC so I can fix her driver problems. I have a Product Recovery DVD-ROM with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Version 4.0. I also have Driver Detective and RegCure. But the problem we have is I am in Edinburgh and she is in Glasgow. Can I get access to her PC through mine so I can repair the Damage? She can’t open up any windows at all because the drivers are missing.

Celeste StewartSetting up Remote Access

Sounds like you have a big problem. This is going to be a bit tricky and I'm not sure if it will work based on her computer not being able to open any windows. Also, you'll have to double check the licenses of the various products. I do not believe the licenses are transferrable to more than one computer in general. If you have copies of the drivers that she needs, a remote connection would let you transfer the files from your PC to hers. However, her computer needs to be somewhat functional in order to create the remote access connection.

Windows Remote Assistance

If you both have modern Windows computers such as Windows Vista or XP, you can use the built-in Windows Remote Assistance utility to establish a connection and take over her computer. She will need to go into her computer, click on the Start button, click on Help and Support, and then click the Windows Remote Assistance link. Now, she needs to "Invite someone to help. From there, she will be prompted to set up her computer to allow Remote Assistance and she must follow the prompts to "invite" you to help which basically involves sending you an e-mail. You'll then accept the invitation and be able to connect provided that no firewalls block you out. You will both need to be connected to the Internet.


Another option is to use software such as PCAnywhere to connect the two computers. Again, this involves a lot of user intervention on your sister's part. Both of you would need to buy and install the software before you can connect. In addition, she will need to set her computer to accept your connection. PCAnywhere allows you to use standard phone lines for connections.


GoToMyPC is a web-based remote control option that might work. Your sister would need to download the GoToMyPC software and provide you with the log on credentials. From there, you can control her PC from your computer by going to the GoToMyPC Web site and entering the appropriate information. Both computers will need to be connected to the Internet.

Once Connected

Provided that you can actually connect to your sister's PC, you can then begin troubleshooting her driver issues. If you decide that she needs the Driver Detective or RegCure software, you'll most likely need fresh licenses for each as I do not believe the standard licenses are transferrable. If you have multi-user licenses, then it shouldn't be a problem. Double-check your licenses beforehand.

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