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Phoenix Technologies Beinsync

BeInSync - Powerful Data Backup, Online Storage, File Sharing and Remote Access 

"We Highly Recommend Beinsync" 

  • BeInSync - Try Free right now!
  • Secure, fully automated backup.
  • Sync all your computers automatically.
  • Never worry about which computer your important files are on.
  • Create share groups and make certain files available to others.
  • Send and receive files, no size restrictions.
  • This is an exceptional all-in-one solution for home and business users with a Free 14 day trial!


Phoenix Technologies offers several online data solutions for businesses, individuals, and professionals. is a division of Phoenix Technologies (Nasdaq: PTEC), offering integrated online backup, file sharing, remote data access, and synchronization solutions.


  • Online Backups - Backing up data is critical! One of the best options for data backups is an online backup solution. Your data is safe and secure no matter what happens to your computer.
  • Continuous Data Protection - Not only can you schedule regular backups, you can implement continuous data protection where data is backed up whenever it has been changed or created.
  • PC Synchronization - Work with two or more computers? The synchronization feature ensures that no matter which computer you are working with, you have access to the most current version.
  • File Sharing - Share select files with co-workers, family members, and friends and keep them synchronized. You can easily create your own secure virtual network!
  • Remote Access - You can set up Beinsync for remote access to your computer using any Web browser.


Beinsync is a full data solution that keeps your data protected yet accessible. With continuous data protection, you don't have to remember to add new files to your backup set and you are protected should a disaster occur before the next backup is scheduled. Having your data backed up automatically and securely stored online means that your data is safe no matter what happens to your computer. For example, if a fire destroys the building, your data is safe and can be restored to a brand new computer.

How it works

Beinsync offers two versions: a professional version and business version. The professional version is ideal for single users while those who need to protect multiple computers are better served by the business version. Each version is offered for either a one or two year subscription. The professional version of Beinsync costs around $60 and includes 5 GB of online storage space. If you need additional storage, upgrades are available.


Beinsync is a comprehensive online data backup and file sharing tool. With continuous data protection and secure data backups, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

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