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How do you save Graffiti Creator graphics?

Celeste StewartWhat is Graffiti Creator?

Graffiti Creator is on online font manipulation tool that you can use to create graffiti-inspired graphics. It uses a Flash interface and simple controls. Simply type in your text and then manipulate the various layers by choosing colors, adjusting the height, width, and rotation of the letters, and other details. While there's a Print button for easy printouts, there is no easy way to save your creation. If you try right-clicking the image, you only get the Flash commands, not the typical Save As commands.

A Graffiti Creator Sample

But look, here's an example that I just created over at Despite the lack of a Save As button, I was able to save my image in a roundabout way.


How to "Save" a Graffiti Creator Sample using OneNote

First, I created the text, "Filetonic" using one of the fonts that caught my eye. Then I haphazardly made my tweaks. Since I have a program on my computer called OneNote, I was able to use the Print button to "print" the image into this application. OneNote is a Microsoft product that acts like a notebook for storing screen clippings, notes, text, sound recordings, doodles, and so forth. One of the neat features of OneNote is that it lets you either take a screen clipping or allows you to print just about anything to one of its pages. Once the image was "printed" to OneNote, I could copy it and then paste it into Microsoft Paint where I cropped out the surrounding tools.

How to Save Graffiti Creator using Print Screen

So, you don't have OneNote? That's okay; not too many people know about OneNote. It comes in some versions of Microsoft Office but not all. Instead, you can use the Print Screen command and copy and paste the entire screen into Microsoft Paint. From there, you can crop the image.

Look on your computer's keyboard along the top row. You're looking for a key labeled "PrtSc."  Once you have your Graffiti graphic the way you like it, open Microsoft Paint (or any other drawing tool) and then go back to the Graffiti image. Click the Alt button + the PrtSc button together. Now, go into Paint and click Edit > Paste (or Control + V). You'll see the whole screen. Use the square Selection tool and select the part of the screen that you want to keep. Click Image >Crop. Save the image as normal.

Graffiti Creator Support

According to Graffiti Creator's Web site, their support page is part of their Community Forum. I had high hopes of heading over there to find out how to save the images. Unfortunately, the forum was offline when I tried to access it. It's back online now. Check it out and you may find even better ideas for saving your creations.

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