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How can I download Java to my computer, it says I can’t do it?

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Downloading Java

Without knowing more about your computer or about the error message that you are getting I can suggest a few reasons that you might be having trouble. Depending on how far through the install you have been able to get and on the specifics of your computer, the problem might be the program, or an incompatibility between the program and your computer. Installing Java should be easy. Go to the Java website and select Download. You should be able to follow the prompts to complete the installation without any trouble. Since things are not working this way for you there are some things you can check.

Check System Requirements

  1. Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements. As with all other programs, Java has a certain level of system performance that it requires in order to operate. For example, for Windows based computers, an XP version of the operating system is required, along with 128MB Memory and 110 MB of disk space. If your computer doesn't meet these qualifications, you can upgrade your operating system and browser to more recent versions and add additional RAM to your computer or remove unwanted applications to free up disk space to allow Java to install.

Check if Java is already installed

  1. Uninstall any old or corrupt downloads. Open All Programs in your Start Menu and see if there is a listing for Java. It is possible that the program downloaded incompletely or that the downloaded files were corrupted. If there is any listing for Java, remove it using Windows Add/Remove. To do this, open the Start Menu; select the Control Panel and the click twice to choose Add or Remove Programs. Start the Components Wizard by selecting Add/Remove Windows Components. Find the listing for Java and remove the check in the box or boxes that correspond. Then Next and then Finish.

Check your settings

  1. You might need to make changes to your Internet browser or your security settings to allow Java to access your computer. Not all versions of Internet browsers support Java, so check that you have the latest version installed. You can adjust your browser to allow Java in Internet Explorer by clicking the Tools tab, then Internet Options, then Security, then Internet, then Custom Level and then Java. Check that the box beside Disable Java is not selected and select High Security.

Remote Assistance

If none of these suggestions help, you might want to consider seeking more personalized assistance. You can take advantage of the remote services of expert technicians available through or visit the Java support pages at where they will be able to ask you more questions and try to figure out why you are having problems with this download.

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