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How do I get Cyberlink YouCam software installed in my HP Pavillion dv2000 model?

Kat DelongCyberlink YouCam

As you know the HP Pavilion DV2000 comes with a built in webcam. For general computer use, you can go to the Cyberlink website and download a free trial version or buy the software download for about $35. Download the trial or buy the program here:

If you have previously purchased a download but you need to reinstall the program, go to your order information page and find the "re-download" button. This should take care of it for you.

HP Computers and Acer Drivers

Many HP users have reported problems with using their installed webcam on various models. The best solution has been to download a particular driver from Acer that is for the Chicony webcam that is installed on most machines. You can find this driver download here: .

Once you have found the drivers, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the file and unzip it to a desktop folder.
  2. Run the ‘setup.exe file' in the folder that was unzipped.
  3. Let the installer run and restart the computer. It will install the webcam drivers.
  4. Open the Control Panel then go to Device Manager.
  5. Find the webcam in ‘imaging devices.' Even though you've installed Acer drivers it may still be listed as ‘HP Pavillion Webcam.'
  6. Right click on the webcam and choose ‘Update Driver Software.'
  7. Choose ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.'
  8. Uncheck the ‘Show Compatible Hardware' box.
  9. Scroll down and choose the Acer webcam.
  10. The system may ask you a question about the installation - tell it to install it anyway.
  11. After the installation, the webcam should be listed as Acer in the Device Manager.

If you have a Ricoh webcam installed rather than a Chicony, others have had success following these steps after downloading the Windows XP webcam driver.

If you are getting an error message when you try to use the webcam or these solutions don't work for you, please let us know.

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