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17. Avast Antivirus

A Look at Avast Antivirus Free Home Edition


Avast Antivirus comes in several editions including a free, no strings attached version for home users. If you're on a budget and unwilling to pay for antivirus protection, check out this free option.


Avast makes the home edition of their Antivirus product available for free to home computer users who do not use their computers for business purposes. Why? Avast understands that some users simply won't pay for protection. Unfortunately, unprotected computers contribute to the spread of further infections. By helping inoculate those computers that otherwise would be left unprotected, Avast hopes to help the entire cyber population.

This free Avast Antivirus solution offers numerous features including antivirus and anti-spyware protection. A variety of shields block dangers from P2P applications, instant messaging, malicious websites, and network attacks. Avast also includes a built-in rootkit defense.

The antivirus kernel that powers Avast antivirus works in real time to actively block incoming infections before they can take hold and do their damage. As the scanner checks incoming emails, it analyzes the messages for both known malware as well as signs that a new, undiscovered threat might be contained within. When a message is suspicious, it is blocked and the user is warned. Since e-mail isn't the only means of infections, file sharing and Instant Messaging applications are also scanned and protected by Avast Antivirus.

Automatic updates are rare when it comes to free antivirus applications but Avast has made an exception with this product. With automatic updates, real-time protection, and both virus and spyware defenses, Avast Antivirus Home is an excellent choice for any budget-minded home user.


Avast Antivirus Home provides computer users who aren't willing to pay for protection a free way to secure their computers against viruses and spyware. By helping to secure computers that otherwise would have been taken over by malware and used to transmit more malware, thus spreading infections, Avast hopes to better contain threats before they reach epidemic proportions.

This particular edition is fully loaded with features generally unfound in free editions such as comprehensive, real-time protection against viruses and spyware.

How it works

In order to qualify for the free version of Avast, you must be a home user that uses the computer for non-commercial use only. For example, if you are a student who uses your computer for doing homework, chatting with friends online, and checking e-mail, then this license is appropriate for you. On the other hand, if you are business person who works out of the home and uses the computer for billing clients or selling products online, then this license is not valid for your use.


Home users who do not use their computers for commercial purposes should give Avast Antivirus a good hard look. This free version is fully packed with features and advanced protections against major Internet threats.

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8 Responses to “17. Avast Antivirus”

  1. 001   Brian Lancaster

    I have found Avast to be much superior to Norton and McAfee in keeping me virus free and in its effect on machine speed. All at no cost too. What is the point in paying for inferior cover that, for me, just didn't do the job.

  2. 002   Catherine Dotson

    I bought Avast Anti-virus on 3/31/09 and have not heard from the company since. I cannot find them to download or contact, but my credit card has been charged more than $50 for a service I cannot obtain. Can you tell, I am very angry!

  3. 003   Ieuan Montgomery

    I have used the home version of Avast for the last year and found it to be extremely satisfactory. It has detected several incoming trojans and dealt with them. Unlike some friends, I have not had my laptop compromised by viruses. It does slow down downloads sometimes but that is a price I am willing to pay.

  4. 004   Celeste Stewart

    Here's some information that should help:
    Thanks! The Team

  5. 005   Jon Wyatt

    I have had free Avast for over a year and it auto updates almost everyday and has stopped/removed several threats. I previously used AVG which was very clunky by comparison. Can thoroughly recommend it.

  6. 006   Dennis

    I have use the free version of Avast for a few years now after it was recomended by a friend. As yet have not had a virus infection on both laptop and desktop. I have also set it up for several friends with the same results AAA+

  7. 007   sean

    i use avast alongside adaware, both are free and ive had no problems with them.

  8. 008   Gillian Smith

    I use a free version - have done so for over ayear and am very pleased with it. Can't see any reason to change

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