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Drag and drop your important files to one of the leading online storage depositories - Xdrive!


Xdrive is an online storage service and backup solution powered by AOL that makes protecting your data online as simple as using folders on your computer. With 5GB of free storage and optional plans for higher storage needs, this service is eye catching indeed. XDrive is easy to use with numerous features such as remote access, file storage, file sharing, and drag and drop functionality.


Drag and Drop - With Xdrive's Desktop Lite software (which uses Adobe Air technology), managing your files locally and online is a snap. Simply drag and drop.

5 GB of Online Storage Free - Xdrive offers 5 GB of online storage for free! Upload photos, music, data, and other important files for easy access from any Internet-connected computer.

Automatic Backup - Schedule regular, automatic backups to protect your most important files from destruction.

Share Files - Xdrive makes it easy to share files with others. Simply designate the folders that you want to share and invite others to access them. You can even fax documents from Xdrive to fax machines.


Instead of investing in an external hard drive, upload your files to Xdrive. Once your files are uploaded and a backup schedule created, you can rest easy knowing that your data is accessible, secure, and protected from a disaster.

How it works

Simply sign up for a free 5 GB account with your e-mail address and a password. Registration is fast and easy with very few forms to fill out. Next, select the Xdrive interface that best meets your needs such as the classic Xdrive interface or the new Desktop Lite software. Upload files, schedule backups, and access your data as needed. If you ever outgrow the 5GB of free storage, upgrade plans are available.


Xdrive is a versatile online data protection solution that offers a full five gigabytes of free online storage with no strings attached. If you've been considering upgrading your hard drive, consider this terrific alternative.


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