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What is Support Soft?

What is Support Soft? Why does it say that I am not logged on as an administrator when I’m the only one on user profiles?

Celeste StewartAt first, this question sounded like we had two separate questions here. But upon further research, the two questions are indeed related.

About Supportsoft

Support Soft is a company that provides technical support services to companies and individuals alike. For example, computer users can get help from this company for a variety of common technical support issues such as optimizing the computer or removing malware. This service is similar to the services profiled here: If you need online tech support, both options are worthy of considering.

Remote help for ISPs

Support Soft also provides background support for Internet Service Providers. For example, if you're experiencing problems with your Internet service, the tools offered by your broadband provider could very well be products from Support Soft. Likewise, many of these installations may not have been initiated by you but by your ISP in an effort to "self heal" issues with their service. The installers for the programs are powered by Support Soft and may not be exactly perfect. For example, installation programs have been known to generate this "not logged on as administrator" error even though the user was in fact correctly logged on. The Sophos Resolve tool comes to mind. This particular tool generates a similar notice which can be disregarded.

1 Click Fix

If you suspect that an installer program is part of you ISP's service, check with your ISP for support. For example, if your broadband ISP offers "one click" fixes or other downloads that enhance your Internet connection, they could very well be powered by Supportsoft. These tools are designed to help solve problems but may have a minor bug themselves.

Sometimes preinstalled

Support Soft is preinstalled on some computers as part of their built-in support software. You can check your computer to see if this is the case by going to the Start button, choosing Run and typing in services. Scroll through the list in search of Supportsoft. If so, you can disable, stop, or set the service to manual mode.

Supportsoft administrator error

If you can identify the circumstances surrounding the "not logged on as administrator" error, you'll be better able to troubleshoot the problem. Does the error come up whenever you access your e-mail? If so, your ISP may have a Supportsoft tool that they use as part of their spam or virus prevention services. Does the message appear when trying to download a troubleshooter from your ISP or when using your computer's built-in support tools? With so many possibilities, we'll need to isolate the exact program that is trying to install or launch in order to find a workaround or solution.

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