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Need more room to store files, photos, and music? Storegate is an online hard drive that gives you protection from data loss should your computer crash or get stolen.


Storegate offers online data storage and backups, mobile phone backups, Web albums, file sharing, and remote and mobile access to your data.


  • Online Storage - Store your data online and protect it from destruction due to physical damage, theft, computer viruses, deletions, and computer crashes. Storegate's free plan starts off with 2 GB of storage space with additional upgrades available.
  • Remote Access - Access your online storage files from any Internet-connected computer
  • Mobile Access - Access your online files from your Internet-capable mobile phone.
  • Automatic Data Backups - Not only can you park your files on Storegate for online access, you can schedule automatic data backups so that your most important files are always backed up with the latest changes.
  • File Sharing - Share large files, photos, and other documents with friends, family members, and co-workers without having to send bulky e-mail attachments.
  • Web Drive - Install Web Drive and save files directly to a drive letter on your computer. These Web Drive files are backed up automatically to your Storegate account.
  • Web Albums - Create and share photo albums 
  • Phone Backups - Backup your cell phone data with Storegate
  • Security - Storegate uses secure facilities to house their servers as well as SSL encryption to protect your data from theft during transmission and storage


With a product such as Storegate, you have peace of mind knowing that your data files are safe from file corruption, viruses, theft, and destruction. Anytime/anywhere access to your data means that you can work with your files no matter what computer you are using.

How it works

Simply sign up for a free, personal, or business account and begin by uploading your data and scheduling automatic updates.


Storegate offers several plans and services with ala carte pricing making it a versatile online storage solution that fits your needs.


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