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From simple online backups to workgroup and enterprise level online backup solutions, Ibackup offers something for everyone.


  • Numerous plans and products - Whether you want an economy plan for Windows or Mac or need a full backup solution for the entire enterprise network, you'll find plenty of options from Ibackup.
  • Automated backups - Wizards automatically pre-select commonly backed up folders and allows you to further customize the backup set. Schedule automatic backups of selected data using interactive scheduling features.
  • Ibackup Drive - The Ibackup Drive software lets you drag and drop files to your Ibackup account as if it were a typical hard drive with an assigned drive letter on your computer.
  • Customizable - Ibackup is a flexible solution with multiple options for individuals and corporate users.
  • Rapid Serve - For those with large initial backups (such as several gigabytes or more), Ibackup offers a Rapid Serve feature. Ibackup sends Rapid Serve customers an external USB device or Snap Server for the initial physical transfer of data. From there, the device is shipped to Ibackup where the data is transferred. 


Ibackup offers a variety of online backup and storage solutions covering just about any scenario imaginable such as Ibackup for Windows, Mac, or Linux users as well as enterprise needs such as Exchange Server Backup, Oracle Backup, and SQL Server Backup.

How it works

Ibackup offers numerous products and downloads covering the online backup needs of individuals and large corporations. Go to the Ibackup Web site and select the online backup solutions that best meet your needs.


If you need a comprehensive online storage and backup solution, Ibackup has a plan to match.


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