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Protect Your Files. Store, Backup and Access Important Files Online using ElephantDrive - FREE TRIAL!

If you're thinking that an online data storage solution with the name of "ElephantDrive" has got to be huge, you're right! With unlimited storage space, government strength data encryption, and file transfer technology that doesn't slow your computer down, you can't go wrong with the Elephant Drive.


  • The Elephant's Trunk - That's right, your files are stored in a trunk! This unique interface functions much like the familiar Windows Explorer where you can drag and drop your files.
  • Unlimited Storage - The basic plan starts at around $5 a month and gives you unlimited online storage.
  • Automatic Backups - Backups are a snap. First, ElephantDrive comes with several preset backup templates which cover most of the file types and folders you will want to backup. In addition, you can easily create your own backup sets and schedule either regular backup sessions or continuous backup sessions.
  • File Sharing - Share files with others by setting "share" permissions within the ElephantDrive's Trunk Explorer
  • Security - Elephant Drive uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 256-bit encryption. Data is stored in a protected facility with strong internal controls in place to keep your data safe
  • Compliance - ElephantDrive is HIPAA compliant, making it an excellent choice for those in the medical industry who must safeguard the privacy and security of protect patient data.


Backup your files continuously to a secure, online location and access them from any location. Not only does ElephantDrive make data backups easy and automatic, it also provides you with all of the storage space you will ever need. Store as many files as you want without any worries about data theft or loss.

How it works

ElephantDrive offers a free 15-day trial. Simply create an account, download the software and the automatic backup begins by backing files located in your My Documents folder (and other predetermined locations). Other options include downloading the TrunkDrive software which allows you to map a drive to the ElephantDrive. Several different account types are available including accounts for home and business users.


Because of the unlimited storage capacity, low monthly price, seamless file transfers, strong encryption, and ease of use, Elephant Drive is hard to beat.


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  1. 001   Celeste Stewart

    I've been demo-ing several online backups and so far like this one a lot. It's easy and doesn't slow down my computer.

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