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Your Important Files Anywhere. No Software to Download. Try for Free

Access, Backup, Share and Sync files across all your computers
Running low on disk space? Looking for an easy way to share files? Want an online storage solution? You can't go wrong with!

Overview is an online storage "box" where you can upload your files securely for remote retrieval later. Not only can you use as an online storage location for all of your important files, you can also set up file sharing so that you can securely share large files with friends, family members, and colleagues without having to use e-mail.


  • File Sharing and Collaboration - Share large files with collaborators and avoid the hassles of e-mail. Privacy protections are incorporated into file sharing so that only those with your express permission can access your files - and only the files that you want them to see.
  • Data Protection - takes your privacy concerns seriously and uses 246-bit SSL security for encrypting your data. In addition, data spans across multiple firewall-protected servers scattered in facilities that are geographically separated from each other. Store irreplaceable files on and rest assured that your data is available to you (and only you) where ever you are, whenever you need it.
  • Open Box Services - integrates with numerous popular Web applications such as Facebook, Blogger, Web Doc, and Zazzle. Simply upload your files once and easily link to them from within the Open Box related applications.
  • Remote Access - Web based document storage allows you to access your data remotely, where ever you are and from whatever computer you happen to be using. You can even access files from your iPhone!


While removable storage devices have become large enough to be practical, nothing quite compares with being able to access your important files remotely. Remote data storage ensures that if your computer and removable storage devices are physically destroyed or stolen, your data is still accessible.

Many professionals work on multiple computers day in, day out. This isn't a problem for workers on a network with a network storage drive, but it is a problem for those who juggle data from various office branch locations, home computers, and laptops. Storing files on solves the problem. Now, you can easily find the file you need no matter which computer you are working on.

With, not only can you store your files in a central, Web-based location, you can also share them with selected individuals.

How it Works is easy to use. Sign up for a Lite, Individual, Business, or Enterprise account and upload files up to the file limits of your account. From there, you can log in from any computer and manage your data.


If you're looking for an inexpensive, secure, and easy-to-use online storage solution, is a top contender!


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