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Are remote tech guys as reliable as one’s in person?

The only difference between remote tech support guys and in-person tech support guys is the format. I take that back; differences between any type of technical support person are abundant. For example, you could go to your favorite local computer repair store and work with two wildly different technical support technicians on two different occasions. Tech Guy # 1 may have superior training, experience, and multiple technical certifications while Tech Guy #2 may fumble through the job.

The same is true of online technical support personnel. However, remote technicians and the technical support guys at your local computer store often use the same diagnostic tools and software based solutions. When you lug your computer to the repair shop or schedule an in-home visit, it's not uncommon for the tech support guy to scan your computer for viruses and spyware and clean your system's registry. These tasks are done using software utilities. Likewise, when you use a remote tech support service, the technician connects to your computer remotely and runs these same scans and cleaning routines.

In the end, the result should be the same.

I absolutely adored the guy who used to come to my old office whenever we needed computer help. James had multiple certifications and knew what he was doing. In addition, he understood our company's needs. However, even though his shop shared the same building, getting service promptly didn't always happen. James was in high demand. When I could get James, he was extremely reliable.

I have also used remote technicians and have had excellent results with them as well. Amy worked across the country but could be counted on to connect to my computer and help me solve problems with the company's point-of-sale software. Even though she was thousands of miles away, she was far more reliable than James who worked next door.

Both types of technicians have their place. If I needed network cards installed into workstations, I'd call James. If I needed help with software updates, I'd call Amy.

In fact, many companies offer both types of services. For example, Best Buy's Geek Squad offers many of their services in store, in home or office, and online. Having a Geek Squad technician connect to your computer to deliver their "Basic Security" package is less expensive than having one drive out to your home or office and do it in person - and the results are the same. The agent will install security and privacy software, install crucial updates, and remove clutter using software and techniques learned through training.   

Both types of tech support guys can serve your needs and deliver terrific results. With modern technology, it often makes sense to choose remote tech support rather than schedule service. Not only can you get 24/7 computer help, you don't have to wait. This alone makes the case for remote service.

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