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What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

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Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting can be beneficial for your business if you need more flexibility and control than a typical shared hosting plan can offer you. 

When you decide on dedicated web hosting, you do not have to share to the web server that you are leasing with anyone else.  For this reason, dedicated web hosting affords you quite a few more benefits than other types of web hosting.

You may have heard this type of hosting called by several different names - dedicated web hosting, dedicated server, or managed hosting.  They are all pretty much the same thing.  Most times, you are responsible for all areas of administration of the server, but many hosting companies will provide this service for an additional fee.  Depending on the type of business volume you are doing and how heavily you rely on hosting services, dedicated web hosting may be more cost effective than shared hosting.

Most of the time, dedicated web servers are located in data centers, similar to co-location facilities, which provide redundant power sources and HVAC systems.  However, unlike co-location hosting, the server hardware is owned by your hosting company.  They will provide the support needed for your operating system and applications if you ask, in some cases.

Depending on the availability and price, the operating system offered for your dedicated hosting service may either be Linux or Windows.  Linux, being open source software, is included on many systems at no additional charge to the customer.  However, since Microsoft requires additional license fees on all their products, the cost of running a Windows environment on a dedicated server can be quite a bit more expensive than one running Linux.  This is something to consider when you are deciding how to configure your hosting system.

Each hosting provider will probably have a different definition of management roles since there are no clearly defined industry standards concerning this.  For instance, one hosting provider may define a 'fully managed' dedicated server as one where you have access to a web based control panel,  However, another provider may define this as having engineers ready to handle your server and network functions for you.  When you are choosing a dedicated web hosting provider, you may want to ask your prospective web hosting provider about this.

Dedicated web servers reduce your dependency on your web host and bypasses technical support delays you may experience with shared hosting plans.  You can instantly address any issues you may have, which is especially important if you have other clients on your server also.  If you need reliable service, then a dedicated hosting plan is definitely something you might consider.

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