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How to Browse Safely and Enjoy your Online Presence

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How to Enjoy your Online Presence

Have you ever experienced internet frustration? I bet you have and you are not alone. Every day there are virtually thousand of online surfers who are getting frustrated, angry, cheated on… The list goes on and on. But there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you again.

Firstly, when you are online (on the internet) you will need to make sure, that you are protected behind a firewall. A firewall is software that protects your computer from harmful damage from outsiders. When you are surfing the net, others can potentially download stuff from your computer to theirs and steal important information you might have stored on your local hard drive.

Generally when you buy a new computer these days, you will have a firewall installed as part of your software package and also many antivirus programs come with a firewall. If you are not sure about your computer just click on ¬> start > control panel > windows firewall. You will see there, whether you are currently protected or not. This is an essential step for you to take and if you are unsure, please contact the person who sold you your computer for help.

The second most mistake people make when browsing the internet, is to just open any email they get in their email program like outlook. If you open any email especially with attachments from third parties you don’t know, you could catch a computer virus! So be vigilant and use common sense. If you don’t know the person or company who sent you the email, trash it and delete it.

Thirdly, there are those websites, that promise instant riches and flashy banners who state something like “congratulations, you are our visitor number such and such, and have won…” Don’t click on those banners and those that say “your computer might be under potential risk of spy ware”. These kinds of web sites are exactly what could end up planting spy ware onto your computer. So do not open or click on them under any circumstances. If they don’t disappear by itself (which they normally don’t, simply click the “red x” at the top right hand side corner of the browser window in order to close it.

When you browse the internet under normal conditions, there is no threat to your computer, if you follow those simple instructions outlined above. The most important thing to remember that there is no such thing as instant riches and prices and the lot. These schemes are just trying to suck you in for god knows what purpose. And once they have your details, you will be hounded with more “crap”.
Browsing the internet can be a lot of fun, if you obey some rules and use common sense. It certainly is the easiest and fastest way to get lots of information on just about anything you can think of. There are also many helpful forums you can join for free on any given topic. Simple go to a search engine like and type in “internet beginners forums” and it will spit out thousands of related web sites. You can then join any that apply to you, and learn from others who share the same interests.

If you use the internet to your advantages you will have lots of enjoyment from it. Don’t be scared, take baby steps and enjoy your new found freedom of browsing the fascinating world that’s called the internet.

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