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Advanced Network Hosting

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Advanced Network Hosting Overview

Competitive Value Hosting Plans
Are you looking for competitive priced shared hosting for your website? Advanced Network Hosting offers a range of free setup plans beginning at $9.95 monthly. Your connection will be set up within 24 hours satisfaction guaranteed with 50MB storage disk space and 2 GB file transfer bandwidth. You will also get the following features: Apache, Auto-responders, Bulletin Board / Forum, C/C++, CGI-bin / Perl, Cpanel, Email Aliases, Email Forwarders, Frontpage Extensions, Guestbook, Linux, Money-back Guarantee, MySQL, PHP, POP Email, Python, Search Engine Submission, Streaming Audio, Streaming Video, TCL, Web Statistics, Web-based Email. You will also get free domain name, host 25 domains on 1, unlimited e-mail accounts and 30 day money back guarantee.

Centralized CPanel and WebHost Manager Interface
You and your own clients control your websites through the CPanel and the WebHost Manager package which enables web hosting control interface. The Webhost Manager is the administrator interface while the CPanel is the end-user interface. You can take care of everything from e-mail accounts to MySQL through both user-friendly interfaces.

The client side CPanel interface lets the customers control their web hosting account; thus, allowing the addition of e-mail accounts, access, backup and restore files, setup shopping cart and many more. The WebHost Manager interface allows reseller webhosting companies to control the accounts on their reseller servers; thus allowing the reseller add or remove accounts, park or point domains, control bandwidth, disk space and many others. The manager is the secure interface through which to administer individual and reseller accounts and perform the basic system and control panel maintenance functions.

From the CPanel, you can view the various statistics related to your website such as Webalizer Web, Webalizer Ftp and Analog stats. These data, along with latest visitors are error log, are available for analysis and feedback to improve the performance of your website. The CPanel gives you access to basic site tools such as Web Protect which is the htaccess editor, search engine submit tool and file manager and allows the changing of passwords for the site and frontpage, to custom the error pages, redirects and to install Frontpage extensions and to advanced tools such as SSH access and Cron jobs.

Database management is also done through the CPanel ranging from MySQL databases to manage access passwords to hosts, phpMyAdmin Access, Mail, e-mail accounts, WebMail, auto-responders, custom mail filtering, forwarders, mailing lists, spam filtering, FTP accounts and control. Also included are pre-installed CGI scripts, phpBB bulletin board, Java chat, phpMyChat, random HTML generator, advanced Guestbook, Counter Generator, Java Clock Generator, Secure FormMail clone, Network tools and DNS lookup TraceRoute.

Included in the CPanel is the add-on auto installer for popular scripts such as Invision Board, PHP-Nuke, osCommerce, Post Nuke, Xoops, phpWebSite, phpAuction, Live Help “Live Chat Script”, phpBook, b2 (weblog), phpAdsNew, phpCollab, 4Images Gallery, Advanced Poll, One Or Zero HelpDesk “HelpDesk Script”, Aardvark Topsites, Noah’s Classifieds, paFileDB, phpDig, phpLinks, phpList, phpMyFAQ, phpSupportTickets, pMachine, WebCalendar and more.

Included with the CPanel is the SpamAssassin that will filter and remove junk e-mail sent to you and your customers. There is also the e-mail blocking feature which you can customize to handle blocking of selected common e-mails and users. The high-powered up-to-date anti-virus software keeps your inbox clean and protected.

Before you can expect successful performance from your website, you must have employed the right tools to create and optimize it. These tools are free with your Advanced Network Hosting package. The correct information in the form of over 30 e-books, guides and tutorial are also free. Your next task to ensure the success of your website is to get more and more visitors to your site.

State of the Art Technological Infrastructure
The Advanced Network Hosting data center is fully equipped with the most modern computer and communications system which are reliable and secure. The very telecommunications center facility is top grade with large and powerful bandwidth using several fiber carriers. The network utilizes Cisco routers delivering T1/T3, 100Mb Ethernet and Optical OC3, OC12 and OC 48 services. Fully redundant and diverse connections to international locations ensure the fastest and most reliable connection services.

Only authorized personnel have key card access to the data center. There is a constantly alert triple check points with electronic logging of entry and egress under around the clock security camera and security guard monitoring. The physical location of the network hubs are strategically areas of no natural disaster occurrence. The maximized system network security is maintained by firewall, systemwatch and constant monitoring.

Free Easy to Use Site Building Software
You need not know programming skills to be able to create your appealing website. All you need is the SiteStudio that come free with your shared hosting account. You can build your site from scratch or modify your existing webpages using the SiteStudio. Accompanying step by step user guides, templates, designs, layouts and color schemes are built in tools of the SiteStudio, which you can use to build professional looking website.

Storage of website content is different from that of layout, which separation facilitates fast and easy changing of the look and feel of any existing website without any need to retype any information. The same control goes with the color schemes and combinations in any website layout that comes with the software or are created using the software. Image generation is quick and easy using dynamic SiteStudio tools without use for other complex programs. An interface of the SiteStudio becomes part of the customers’ CPanels wherein they may create their own webpages to modify and improve their websites.

Full E-commerce Capabilities
Part of Advanced Network services include customized development and services for e-commerce using OSCommerce, a shopping software ideal for use by small and medium sized businesses to securely facilitate the conduct of online transactions. The crucial features of the e-commerce program includes a database or catalogue of your or your own customers’ products and services in categories and product-service attributes, the creation and maintenance of customer accounts, the ordering shopping cart, shipping, tracking and monitoring modules and easy shop maintenance.

Reseller Income Generation Opportunities
The customer website developer may acquire shared hosting services from Advanced Network Hosting and may resell shared hosting services to its own customers. Advanced Network does not deal with or contact your customers. You earn a monthly income from your customers. You set your own reseller hosting prices and plans by approximating the profit margin you desire. You install separate CPanels in your customers’ systems and login accounts. All of the features which should be in a normal account are available for you to offer and give to your own customers.

Your own master CPanel provides you with access to your customers’ systems and directories. Customers will be provided with domain name registration through you at discounted rates. Thus, you will host unlimited domains under your own account. You will handle your own business, including marketing, sales, billing and support to your own customers. The 99.9% uptime guarantee to you is also true to your customers. Advanced Network will provide you with 24/7 technical support, handle the building of the server, installation of the operating system and configuration of the system software. The maintenance of your server software and the 24/7 server monitoring will also be handled by Advanced Network.

30 Day Trial Period with Money Back Guarantee

You can experience high speed connectivity with Advanced Network. Where you are not fully satisfied with the services, the company guarantees the full refund of hosting fees on cancellation of your account within the 30 day trial period. The company will even handle the moving of your website from your previous hosting provider without setup charges so that moving your files, e-mails, databases and DNS will not cause you to worry.

The Ideal Shared Hosting Vehicle
Advanced Network Hosting solutions cater to different websites of all sizes and types. E-commerce can easily be done through the tools provided by this hosting company. The large server storage space, high-speed transfer bandwidth and simple, user-friendly CPanel all facilitate to a successful website. Even website construction and modification and online business transactions are no hassle with the accompanying softwares, scripts and tools. Whether you are a beginner developer or an experienced e-business person, Advanced Network Hosting provides the ideal hosting vehicle and environment for your needs.

Members testimonials brag about the award-winning services provided by Advanced Network with fast and accurate technical support response averaging at around 30 minutes. The stable financial foundation, steady growth and long industrial experience assure you of utmost reliability and the honest and realistic business values, philosophy and practice keeps your trust and loyalty. This is the shared hosting provider that you can depend on as over 25,000 customers do. Constant research and upgrading of equipment and industrial knowledge keeps you in stride with the advance of computer and communications technology and in tune with the flow of the industry.

Unrivaled 99.9% uptime is assured by well-oiled equipment and experienced administration. Around the clock access to your data is the pillar of the internet hosting business and is the premium principle running this hosting company bolstered with 2 OC-3 and 2 level redundancy. You are able to retain the loyalty of your reseller customers in the same way that Advanced Network Hosting keeps you as a customer. The high level of expertise and support provide you and your customers with control, flexibility and reliability to establish foothold and maintain your niche in the cyberworld.

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